Our Story


Daeda was created with a simple objective: to make it easy for people to get their daily-use products. We quickly realised how impactful these habits and routines are, not just to the individual but the planet as a whole. The flow-on effect these small acts have are difficult to fully comprehend, so we want to make things simple.  

We all buy stuff. Sometimes, it's a want, sometimes a need, but it always comes at a cost. Unfortunately, the actual "cost" isn't that straightforward. Sure, we know single-use plastic is the enemy, and that everyone should recycle, but what other changes can we make to our day-to-day lives that will create a real difference? The truth is, almost everything, but we have broken it down into three main principles.

The first thing to consider is whether it actually works. There is nothing more wastefull than a product that does't do what it's made for.

Secondly, what's it made of? This is where things get tricky. Long lists of complicated ingredients and misleading materials blind people to the true ethical cost of their purchases and the run-on effects to the environment.

And lastly, who made it. Most people would argue that companies don't have a conscience. We hope to change this perspective. Business doesn't have to be a faceless corporation that puts profits over people. We have learnt first hand that there are many brands working hard to create positive change, and we are proud to say we are one of them.

At Daeda, we're working to reform how people see value and pave a path for conscious consumerism.

We believe people want to do the right thing. The issue lies in how complicated finding the right products can be.

Good thing you have come to the right place.