Noble & Sunday

Noble & Sunday, the modern-day tea merchant, invites you to discover the timeless ritual that can bring harmony and tranquillity to your hectic daily life.

Born in New Zealand, Noble & Sunday pays homage to our nation's rich tea heritage while infusing it with a fresh and contemporary twist for today's tea enthusiasts. Their exclusive loose-leaf blends are the culmination of years spent traversing the globe, tirelessly seeking out the most captivating and inspiring teas from independent tea gardens. Each sip tells a story, steeped in the traditions and landscapes of its unique origin.

In their quest for exceptional teas, they partnered with like-minded friends and growers who share a passion for a conscientious approach. Sustainability, ethics, and organic farming principles are at the heart of their cultivation practices. By nurturing the planet and those who tend to it, we ensure that every cup of tea embodies a sense of responsibility and respect for both nature and humanity.

Our small-batch process guarantees that tea reaches you faster, fresher, and better than ever before. Designed for inquisitive souls and crafted for exploration, each sip is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, where every blend reveals a world of flavours and complexities.

Noble & Sunday
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