Meet Melyon, a trailblazing Swedish skincare brand, born in the heart of Stockholm by visionary Roger Dupé. Breaking barriers in an exclusive industry, Melyon's mission is to embrace inclusivity and celebrate diversity.

With a heartfelt focus on people of colour, Melyon's skincare line addresses the unique needs of darker skin tones while remaining universally effective for various skin types. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of West Africa and the elegance of Scandinavian lifestyle, this ethical brand artfully combines nature's finest with cutting-edge science, delivering safe and powerful products with proven results.

At the heart of Melyon lies a commitment to tell authentic stories, championing individuals who defy today's norms of beauty. By providing skincare solutions that resonate with people's diverse experiences, Melyon strives to contribute to more progressive beauty standards, ultimately paving the way for a society that embraces the beauty found in every face.

Roger Dupé, the visionary founder, whose journey was shaped by immigrant parents in Västerås, Sweden. Raised with a working-class background, his parents instilled the value of caring for his skin, a form of love that fostered an unwavering sense of excellence within him. Drawing from his West African roots, where skincare is an expression of self-love, Roger was inspired by generations of wisdom passed down. This love for well-being and confidence through good skin routines nurtured the dream of creating his own skincare brand, and Melyon was born.

Melyon is Roger's homage to his upbringing, a beautiful offering that includes everyone, regardless of skin tone or status. Celebrating beauty through diversity, Melyon recognizes that excellence takes countless forms, each unique as the individual it adorns. With Melyon, the world can embrace the beauty that reflects every person's authentic essence.

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