Davids Toothpaste

Most natural toothpaste brands focus on removing unhealthy and artificial ingredients, leaving you with lower-performance products.

Davids is the first toothpaste that has cracked the code, removing the toxic ingredients but replacing them with the highest quality, naturally sourced & naturally derived ingredients, outperforming conventional toothpaste in lab tests. Safely & effectively whiten teeth, fight plaque, and freshen breath.

Our Definition of Natural.

-Ingredients Sourced and Derived from Nature.

-Formulas Free of Artificial Flavors, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colors, and Artificial Sweeteners.

-Free From Animal Derived Ingredients (Vegan).

-Not Tested on Animals (Cruelty-Free).

-Use of Sustainable Packaging.

Davids Toothpaste
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