Buddy emerges from a fascination with the ecological, functional, and aesthetic merits of hemp, with a profound desire to reimagine wardrobe essentials that prioritizes product longevity and nurture a broad appreciation for this extraordinary plant.

Founded in 2016, Buddy ventured into the world of hemp clothing at a time when it was primarily associated with a specific subculture. Options were typically limited to earthy tones and ill-fitting designs that left much to be desired. While deeply respecting the values of the hippie culture, Buddy sought to expand the horizons.

In the realm of blank tees, Buddy discovered that many basic styles didn't cater to diverse bodies and genders. Gendered "women's" tees, with their unconventional necklines and excessively long fitted bodies, didn't align with Buddy's vision. The aspiration was to create the perfect tee - a timeless piece that would endure and eventually attain vintage status. Hemp, due to its unique attributes, was the natural choice for crafting such essential wardrobe items.

The journey began with a commitment to do things right from the outset. Buddy meticulously designed fits inspired by beloved vintage tees, breaking away from the one-size-fits-all approach to consider a diverse range of bodies and genders.

After months of dedicated planning, Buddy unveiled its classic hemp tee in July 2018, redefining comfort, style, and sustainability in one fell swoop. But this is just the beginning of Buddy's journey. The brand remains dedicated to expanding its offerings and exploring new horizons. Stay tuned for what's on the horizon.

Buddy is where style converges with sustainability through the medium of hemp, and they extend an invitation to all to participate in this remarkable journey.

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