Business as usual was boring anyway.

We began in Sydney Australia, but we’re looking to have an impact across the globe. We know the next moves we make as a global community will have far-reaching impact for years to come.

The need for paper isn’t going away any time soon, but the need for sustainable answers to today’s problems is past its tipping-point.

The world has been hit with tough decisions about the future. Forced to consider conscious choices about what matters to them. To draw a line between necessity and redundancy. Entire industries are going to be left behind.

The brave new world won’t have a lot of room for tired, lazy thinking. So let’s not do any. The future’s going to be written by those who get creative. Who’ve taken time to think about what they’re doing. Who create things people care about.

We believe tomorrow will be better. But only if we learn from yesterday, and put the work in today. That’s why our stone paper is designed and manufactured from first principles to be better in every way.

Our method: Challenge assumptions at every stage.

Our goal: Leave the world better than we found it.

Take note today, shape tomorrow.

We take a B Corp™ certified, biometric approach to product and system design: considering the full life-cycle of a product, and its enduring impact on the ecosystem it lives in.

Our materials are responsibly sourced, our employees are treated and paid fairly, and leaders work for a greater cause than a profit margin.

We take note of what matters most today. Because what matters today is what shapes tomorrow.

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