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Did you know that the average liquid shampoo/cleansers contain 80-95% water?

Water is commonly being used as a ” cheap filler” in most beauty products.

This means the ‘active’ ingredients are diluted, and since water can easily grow bacteria, there is a need to add chemical preservatives, which are known irritants and carcinogens.

That is a lot of water being shipped around the world and stored unnecessarily when water is life!

Say BYEBYE to liquid products as you know them #gowaterless

✓ Waterless products. We help you conserve water for those that need it most.
✓ Vegan. Using animal products have a major environmental impact on the Earth and its people.
✓ NZ Made. Keeping it local reduces our carbon footprint and supports the local Kiwi economy.
✓ Low-Waste. We use aluminium that can be endlessly reused, and home compostable refills. We are working towards a fully circular model.
✓ Cruelty free. We care. No one or nothing should be harmed in the production of our products
✓ Conscious. We care about the planet, but we care about people too.
✓ 1% sales donated. We are giving back 1% of our gross sales to bring clean water to those who need it the most.

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